Upcoming Works
A Beautiful and Violent Place

2020 (Writer/Director)

In this neo-American western, Joel returns home to avenge the death of his first love. Searching for retribution in the decaying landscape of his childhood, he soon learns that closure cannot be found through acts of violence.

A Beautiful and Violent Place has just begun its rounds in the festival circuit, with its world premiere taking place Oct. 21 at the Austin Film Festival.

The Last Leaves of Autumn

2021 (Writer/Director)


Inspired by writings from Felix Salten, this short film listens in on a conversation between the last two leaves of autumn.

To be filmed in the woods of Vermont, this film is currently in post-production. (Estimated running time: 6 min.)

Finished Works

2018 (Writer/Director)

In the distant future, in a solar system lightyears away, rap battles have become the new gladiatorial entertainment. '3020' focuses on one man's struggle to stay sane in an insane place; A Sci-fi Hip-hop Buddhist story, of escape and redemption.

 (Running time: 16 min.)

Need a Hand?

2018 (Writer/Director)

LFS SHOWCASE - Aesthetica Short Film Fes

'Need a Hand?' is a candid conversation about disability and how it effects both the people who have them and the people around them. 

The short is a personal documentary that links these conversations with animations and home movies, to create something greater than the sum of their parts. (Running time: 12 min)

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Morning Stars

2017 (Writer/Director)


A father is faced with an impossible decision, after a deal with the devil comes back to haunt him. (Running time: 3 min,  16mm)

Hope Springs

2017 (Writer/Director)

A man has been drifting through space in an escape pod for four months. He has held onto his sanity by living in his memories. But As food runs out, how long can love sustain him? (Running time: 4:30 min)

The Door

2017 (Writer/Director)

In this silent short film, three boys discover a door in the middle of the woods. Will they venture through, and find out what is on the other side? (Running time: 3:00 min, 16mm B&W)


2016 (Writer/Director)

In this slow burn sci-fi thriller, a woman finds herself imprisoned by an alien species, in a place out of time. Held at an idyllic lake-front cabin; during the day, she is completely unaware of her abductors, only once the sun sets, does her reality set in. (Running time: 12 min)

Me, My Dad, & You

2012 (Writer/Director)


Me, My Dad, & You is my first ever personal documentary focusing on my arm. It was made while attending the New School, under the tutelage of the personal Documentarian Caveh Zahedi. 

The film is broken into three separate sections: home movies, found footage, and animation.




I first began working in film as an after school job in high school, editing for a local video production company. After attending UNC - Chapel Hill for two years, I transferred up to the New School, where I studied film under filmmakers Caveh Zahedi and Laurie Collyer. This is where I made my first films, Buffering and Me, My Dad, & You, the latter premiering at the Crown Heights Film Festival.

Since graduation I've lived in New Orleans, India, and Western Massachusetts; worked as a writer, director, editor and producer on multiple short films, as well as finishing multiple feature-length scripts. In 2019, I graduated from the London Film School with an MFA in filmmaking. My primary residence is Brooklyn, NY; I also spend time in Mobile, AL, and Dharamshala, India. 


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